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News flash: I love dogs.

But living in a flat in Dublin’s city centre, I can’t quite have my own yet. But I make do! Introducing, Oscar.


Just look at that handsome face! Butter wouldn’t melt.

Oscar belong to my neighbour who generously lets me borrow him a couple of times a week, so I can channel my dog-obsession into walks and cuddles. Usually it’s just to the local park, but today we went on a proper adventure! We piled up the car, and all three of us (my best friend Aisling included) headed to the seaside.


I’ve always thought that Ireland has the most amazing skies – just look at those clouds!

There was lots of walking (up some big hills), but we got some great views and scenery in return, which everyone had to sit and enjoy!


There was even time for some kisses! (There’s always time for kisses).

Oscar is such a loveable little guy, and will slobber all over your face whenever he can.


After 2 hours of walking, some fish and chips on the pier, and chasing a few seagulls, we were all pretty tuckered out. 

Although, he took a serious dislike to my camera. As you can see from this grumpy, grumpy face. As soon as I put it down away from my face, it was as if he’d rescued me from some terrible clicking monster. 


After all, camera’s are pretty scary!

But boy, all that running and sniffing and barking at camera monsters was tiring!

I think this lie-down was pretty well deserved!


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