The Easiest Cucumber Pickle

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I have such fond memories of cucumber pickle. My Granny used to make big jars of the stuff, which I would swiftly cram into my cheese sandwiches (and most other sandwiches) or pile on to whatever crackers I could find.

It’s just delicious stuff!


The perfect cucumber pickle isn’t too sweet, with the right mix of flavourings and herbs, and (of course) with a great fresh crunch.

My favourite thing about making your own cucumber pickle is that you can flavour it to suit you own taste. Love a spicy kick? Add some chilli. Crazy about Coriander? Throw some in! I like to keep it simple with just a few mustard seeds and come thinly sliced onion – pickle perfection!


Just look at those jars all stacked up. They make a beautiful addition to any hamper, as well as a nice gift for just visiting friends. They’re great for using up leftover cucumbers at the end of the summer too, which is always great!

I’ll be enjoying some tonight on my all time favourite, some Sweet Potato Bean Burgers. They’re delish. Just trust it.

The Easiest Cucumber Pickle
The simplest, freshest, and most delicious (not that I'm biased) cucumber pickle recipe!
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Prep Time
24 hr
Cook Time
20 min
Total Time
24 hr 20 min
Prep Time
24 hr
Cook Time
20 min
Total Time
24 hr 20 min
  1. 3 large cucumbers, thinly sliced
  2. 1/2 onion, thinly sliced
  3. 240 mls/1 cup white wine vinegar
  4. 240mls/1 cup water
  5. 110g/1/2 cup sugar
  6. 3 tbsp mustard seeds
  7. 1 tbsp sea salt
  1. Add the vinegar, water, sugar and mustard seeds to a saucepan over a medium/high heat, and bring to a boil.
  2. Allow to boil for a few minutes, until the sugar is totally dissolved.
  3. Mix the sliced cucumber and onion, and spoon the mixture out between your jars. This made 3 small and one large jar for me, but this will vary depending on jar size. Sterilised jars are best!
  4. Pour the hot pickling brine over the cucumber mixture and seal the jars tightly.
  5. Place the jars in the fridge to cool, and leave for atleast 24 hours before consuming. Personally, I like to leave them for a couple of days minimum, but they'll be good either way!
  6. Best served with cheese and crackers, or in a great sandwich!
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