Sauce Pots wins best Food/Drink Blog at the Blog Awards Ireland 2015

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I don’t want to do the whole teary-eyed, acceptance speech here, but I’m feeling pretty chuffed. I honestly didn’t think I’d be writing this post today. 

Last night, the Blog Awards Ireland took place in the Tivoli Theatre, Dublin. It was my first year attending as a blogger (usually I’m at these things supporting the other half’s popular music website). Naturally enough, I was nervous but delighted to have just made it to the finals in the first place. Sauce Pots only turns 1 year old in January, so I wasn’t going to hold out much hope for a prize!

To my amazement, I won. Like I said, I don’t want to do the whole emotional speech, but it may have looked a little like this:


The theme was 20’s burlesque, which may explain some aspects of the next photo. But this was the moment that my lovely little website popped up on the big screen as the winner. What a moment!


Does anyone else have that fear of this happening when you have to go up a stairs in front of a group? The fear talked me out of heels.

I shall never fall in public. A classic Irish trait of never wanting to draw embarrassing attention to oneself. 

Unless it’s off a horse. That’s happened a few times.

Needless to say, I was some sight running up to the stage with a massive grin on my face (I made it in one piece!). And I mean running. 

Here’s the presentation:


Is that not the biggest, cheesiest grin you’ve seen this week? If not this year!

I know it’s clichéed, but I was genuinely amazed. The calibre of food bloggers is so high in Ireland, it’s fantastic. We truly are a nation of foodies! If you’ve not seen them, here’s the full list of winners, and finalists:

Winner – Sauce Pots

Silver – A Mexican Cook

Bronze – Saucepan Kids 


A Home Made By Committee 

Anula’s Kitchen


BBQ Masterclass

Clare With The Hair

Irish Baking Adventures

One Man’s Meat

Pikalily Food & Travel


A massive shout-out to all these wonderful blogs, as well as those that made the longlist and shortlist in the run up to the final. The competition was serious, and I imagine the judging was extremely tight! 

With that, all that’s left is to say a huge THANK YOU to all who voted, supported, messaged, and visited the blog over the last 10 months – it’s been an incredible journey. Blogging has been a huge learning curve for me, between the logistics of the back end, the photography, and the social bits and bobs. The cooking was the easy bit! To receive lovely comments, messages, and feedback has just helped keep going and making Sauce Pots the best I could.

Please check out some of the other Irish bloggers, who are so wonderful!

And with that, I say Thank You (yes, again!), and goodnight! 


  1. margaret mathews
    October 23, 2015

    Congratulations from mathews coffee shop kilkenny! You are amazing so delighted for you! Keep up the great work! paul & mgt

    • Alice | Sauce Pots
      October 23, 2015

      Thanks guys, delighted you enjoy the blog 🙂