5 Reasons why Ree Drummond wins at Cooking

Life | March 20, 2016 | By

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We all have that foodie role-model.

Well, I have two. Nigella is queen.

But I have some serious love for Ree Drummond, aka. The Pioneer Woman.

Ree Drummond The Pioneer Woman

If ever there was a woman who knew the route directly into my heart, it’s her. Let’s look at what we’ve got in an average The Pioneer Woman show. There’s:

  1. Horses
  2. Cowboys
  3. Food, Food, Food.
  4. Amazing Scenery
  5. Dogs, everywhere!

And that’s just to name a few! 

If, like me, you’ve got a soft spot for cowboys, and an even softer spot for horses you’ll love her show.

But there’s also the food. Oh, the food. So, with that, here are my 5 reasons why Ree Drummond is queen of comfort cooking.

1. She can cook beef.

Now, I’m not a meat-eater, but I was one at one point in my life and I can appreciate well cooked beef. Nothing incites rage in me more than someone asking for well done beef. Well, that doesn’t happen in Ree Drummond’s house. 

post-put-her-map-cooking-steakImage from The Pioneer Woman Facebook

She originally made her name from a great steak recipe (How to Cook a Steak), and she’s kept the bar high in this regard. There isn’t an overcooked steak in sight!

2. The woman knows how to use butter.

If you’ve ever watched an episode of The Pioneer Woman, you’ll notice that there is SO MUCH BUTTER in every recipe. That’s fine when you’ve got a family of cowboys working insanely hard on the ranch every day, but for me sitting at my desk… Well, after a week of that diet, I’m fairly certain I’d be dead.

That doesn’t mean I can appreciate the butter. 

Ree Drummond The Pioneer WomanImage from The Pioneer Woman

If you want to really give your heart a challenge, check out her Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

3. Her pantry inspires us to actually organise the kitchen.

I would kill to have Ree Drummond’s pantry. Have you seen it??

It’s shelf upon shelf of pasta, rice, tins, and other kinds of magical goods. It’s its own kind of food porn. Food organisation porn.

Is that a thing? Probably.

Ree Drummond The Pioneer WomanImage from The Pioneer Woman Instagram

Any food celeb who inspires us to organisational greatness is good in my book! #PantryGoals anyone?

4. She embraces her culinary imperfections. 

Anyone who instagrams a picture of their burnt toast is ok in my book.

Ree Drummond The Pioneer WomanImage from The Pioneer Woman Instagram

As a food blogger, I understand the effort that go into those perfect pictures of food, so showing off your bad moments makes you human. There’s nothing annoying than a ‘little miss perfect’ blogger. No such notions here from Ree Drummond!

5. Speaking of notions, she has none!

She’s down to earth, and her food reflects it. Here’s no fancy ingredients, tiny portions, or foodie fads. It’s just honest-to-goodness comfort food at it’s finest.

I mean, just look at that Butternut Mac & Cheese!

Ree Drummond The Pioneer WomanImage from The Pioneer Woman

It’s comfort food at it’s finest, and that’s good with me.