5 Foodie Resolutions to Make this New Year

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I’m terrible at New Year’s Resolutions. Every year, I have great intentions to do things I hate, but that I should be doing (gym, anyone?). Or eating things that I don’t particularly want to eat. And yes, those things are still things I should be/need to be doing and will probably make in onto this year’s to-do list. 

New Years Resolutions

But, this year’s different. I’ve been thinking about how I can be a better food-lover this year. While it’s easy to say you love food, we don’t always give it the attention it deserves. We’re working, we’re busy, and sometimes it’s easier to let our eating habits slip as a result.

Here’s a few resolution ideas for you to chew on approaching the New Year’s celebrations.

Cook More

We’ve all been there. A busy day at work, a quiet night at home, or just a lazy evening – sometime’s it’s hard to get up and cook a meal, especially if it’s just you eating! I know for me, especially on those very late work nights, getting a take out can be a very tempting. Well, no longer.

If you’re a fiend for take out, but want to cut down, now’s the time. If, like me, you work late but tend to have mornings off, try getting all your prep done before work. That’s all your chopping done, and ready to go. It will be much harder to order when all that work is already done ahead of time. Expanding your recipe repertoire can be great too. Find a recipe for your favourite take out dish, and try recreating it at home!

Buy Local

I’m lucky in Ireland that there are so many local producers of fruit and vegetables, as well as cheese and meat. When you’ve got all that on your doorstep, why bother buying the cheap imported stuff from the supermarkets. 

Have a look around your local area and see what’s on offer. Keep an eye out for Farmer’s Markets, or local sellers. You may be surprised what you find! And you’re sure to improve the quality and taste of your meals, as well as supporting local farms and businesses.



How easy is it to stick to the same handful of recipes, making the same dishes again and again? It’s too easy. So this year, make an effort to experiment. Whether it’s a recipe you’ve always wanted to try, or an ingredient you’ve been dying to use, do it! 

I know I always keep a list of interesting recipes I come across that I think might be worth a try, or even if I spot an unusual use for an ingredient that I haven’t seen before. After all, inspiration can come from anywhere!

Don’t be afraid to try new flavours or styles of cooking, it just might revitalise your New Year’s cooking!


What should eating be? Shovelling food in front of the TV? I don’t think so! 

This year, indulge in your food. Whether that’s sitting along and concentrating on your dish, or making eating social again, it’s important to appreciate and savour what you’ve made. Try inviting friends over for shared meals, with everyone gathered around a table, helping themselves, sharing a story and a laugh, and making eating a social activity again.

Good food, good friends, and (if you’ve got any sense at all), a few bottles of good wine – you can’t go wrong!

Dinner Party

Master New Skills

…And perfect the old ones. It could be taking a class in French Patisserie, or just learning to chop properly (a class I could certainly do with taking!), you can never go wrong with learning new skills, or honing the basics. Learn to make pastry, to knead bread properly, or taking on some more advanced techniques, make yourself a list, and tick the skills off as you go!


Now obviously, your health is as important as your happiness, and I am not encouraging you to abandon those notions of healthy eating and exercise, but I will highlight my approach to eating, which stemmed from a New Years Resolution from a few years back:

I’m not going to waste my time eating mediocre food.

If I have to spend the extra few quid for good ingredients, or walk a little further to go to that really good restaurant, I will. If you need one resolution for the new year (or, as I like to call it, a life resolution), don’t settle when it comes to your food.

If you’re going to eat, eat something great.